Unbearable heaviness of being

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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

During the weekend I was looking for something and happened to pick up one of my favourite books, The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. I probably read it 15 years ago in my early twenties, but I’ve held on to it ever since. Now it’s next on my reading list, to find out if it still touches me the way it once did.

This morning I woke up to the sound of someone hammering two floors above me – it’s a renovation from hell that has been going on for months. And now it’s turned into the perfect metaphor for the Coronavirus: knowing that something annoying and possibly dangerous is hovering over me day and night, making me acutely aware of its presence and causing me to alter my behaviour accordingly.

I used earplugs while meditating (which was as effective as trying to mend a leaking sink with cello tape) and sat down to work with a heavy lump in my lower belly. The question I keep coming back to is:

How are we supposed to act? 

It’s a blessing to be at home with food on the table and a warm bed to sleep in. Frankly, it’s more than most people have. And yet, I can only compare myself to me. Suddenly, everything I’ve ever known is changed and there is a new sense of uncertainty without an ending. Which is why I find it nearly impossible to be productive and to use all this time for something that doesn’t involve frantic scrolling through BBC and every other news outlet.

This is the most important time EVER to practice self-love, compassion and gratitude. To stick to the must mundane things that ground me and you and give us a sense of purpose. The Instagram meditations I host at 7PM each night have turned into my favourite time of the day, much to my own surprise. Today I’m baking seeded crackers and cooking a fragrant Thai curry to get a break from all my screens and an average of 5 hours and 7 minutes spent on my phone daily. (That¬†speaks volumes…)

I’d love to know what your favourite soul soothing tip is? I’ll compile them into a new blog post if there are enough answers, to share the love and all the great ideas that are out there.

(I met the pictured sheep in York a few months ago and it makes me smile – hopefully it has the same effect on you!)

Much love from a nervous little soul,


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