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The Effective Executive – me?

My friend saw some post on my Insta stories with a picture of the book I’m currently reading – Peter Drucker’s The Effective Executive – and she wanted to know if it was worth buying it.

management 101

Drucker’s book feels like an old-school business book with very traditional thoughts on management, but simply very useful ones explained in a tangible way.

Next week our team of two at kAAKAO expands to three with the lovely and energetic Harriet joining our team.

Because of this, I’ve thought a lot of about how to work effectively. One of my intentions set before New Years Eve was actually to communicate better and to set up ways that make this more effective.

Sending one million emails about everything is hardly a good example of that.

Communication is not a big problem with so few of us, but it’s definitely worth keeping in mind already. There has to be a great system in place, especially when it comes to follow-up with clients and partners. Otherwise it might all fall flat like a friggin’ pancake.

The solution?

Having more meetings and speaking face-to-face solves many issues and saves time in front of the computer – which then leads us to the next issue of having effective meetings and using your time wisely.

That’s another post, friends. (And it requires a few more evenings of reading).

I need to run to the post office with 20 sample boxes going out into the big world.

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