My Summary of this Year

What a year.

And it’s easy to say that it’s been the absolutely toughest one for me so far. I’m not quite ready to talk about it yet, as I feel like a deep wound is just about to heal, but needs some more time to just be.

It’s also been a great year in so many ways, which I keep forgetting.

So, what has happened?

  1. I joined a chocolate company, created a brand around it called kAAKAO, things fell apart and I ended up taking over the business at the end of August this year. We’re launching at the end of January in the UK, more information here.  (Picture from a large retailer where I decided to check out what the demo bars will look like on the shelf.
  2. During a business seminar I got to listen to one of my biggest idols, Tony Robbins, in Texas, USA. Yes, he is that good and THAT BIG in real life.
  3. I got certified by Clickfunnels, a very cool American company that uses a software platform to create landing pages and websites and everything you need to market and sell stuff online. I created our kAAKAO website using the platform. And you’ll see some more marketing magic soon..
  4.  I was mentally paralysed between May and August – barely getting by…
  5. …during which time my best friend came on a 911 visit and we checked into a spa, where we slept, wept, ate, tried all the pools and saunas, laughed, talked and I came back to London feeling more like myself
  6. Luckily I found my own place in May (how’s that for timing?), so I poured all the energy I had left into renovating it and moved in at the end of June. There’s nothing like home.
  7. A friend of my brother, George, came on board kAAKAO and helped me turn things around. Things are always more fun and productive when working in a team.

Let’s see what the last 28 days have in store for all of us! The main thing is to keep a positive mindset.

You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to it.

Stephanie is the founder of Helpings and the creator of all content on the platform. Watch her TEDx talk, 'Holy Shit', about digestion on YouTube, organized at King's Collage London in 2016. Stephanie is currently building her second business, a chocolate brand called kAAKAO, and she shares her experience by means of inspiring other entrepreneurs to excel in business and in life.

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