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Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

Sugar and artificial sweeteners are some of the main things that seem to confuse people (myself included). I think many of us now know that it’s a good idea to to cut down on the general consumption of sugar – but how do we actually know that something is sugar and/or an artificial sweetener?

a lack of responsibility?

Brands and food producers don’t exactly make it easier for us to know what is what and claims such as ‘sugar-free’ seem to pop up left and right. That said, it would only be logical to assume that something that tastes sweet and is ‘sugar-free’ contains some sort of sweetener. The question is: what is that and what does it do to your body? 

  • What kind of sugar is ‘bad’ and what is ‘good’?
  • What’s the difference between natural occurring sugar and processed alternatives?
  • Why is fructose from fruit different than the fructose that has been chemically extracted?
  • How do I know that something is an artificial sweetener?
  • What are the downsides of artificial sweeteners? 

And I’m sure you have LOTS more to add.

sugar and artificial sweeteners

I mean – sugar and artificial sweeteners were GIBBERISH to me when I founded kAAKAO, and there seemed to be so much contradictory information (hello Internet!). The more I learn, the better I want to become at communicating it all!

Help me!

So, if you have any questions on the subject (or if you’re as confused as I am) – PLEASE take 30 seconds to give me your #1 question on the subject and I’ll get your the answer within the next two weeks.


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