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Hi, I’m stephanie seege


Welcome to Helpings, a personal blog and a public journal for the things that I just can’t shut up about.

I’m born and bred in Finland, and have lived in London since 2012. Scroll down for a summary of the projects I have been involved in and that have shaped my career.

Stephanie Seege


My original intention with this website was to share the food I cooked, the yoga I did and the techniques I used while healing myself from a number of chronic diseases.

However, that ‘project’ took a little longer than expected and I felt like a hypocrite all along, acting like I was on top of things and like I had ‘the solution’. In reality, I was suffering physically, mentally and emotionally and my path to healing has taken quite a few unexpected turns ever since. More on that in the blog.

To date, I’ve developed around 500 recipes – most of which are still unpublished and some found in the Helpings tab – hope you enjoy them.


At the age of two months I was diagnosed with with severe eczema, allergies and asthma. During my childhood and early adulthood I was told that these chronic diseases were incurable and that they simply needed to be managed.

I refused to believe that they were permanent conditions and finally found an Indian doctor who started treating me using herbs and radical dietary and lifestyle changes in 2010.

My first cookbook, The Book That Changed My Life, contained 70+ recipes free from gluten, dairy, yeast, eggs and refined sugar. I taught myself how to cook in a new way, also inspiring other people to cook delicious food with a restricted number of ingredients.

Stephanie Seege cookbook


My curiosity for launching an industrially produced product grew during the five years I spent developing recipes for Helpings. Chocolate seemed like a great place to start, especially since I had never been able to enjoy sweet treats as a young girl.

I set out to create something highly indulgent, made with traditional ingredients in an untraditional way, using dates as the only sweetener.

kAAKAO chocolate sweetened with dates

In 2016 we started working on kAAKAO and it turned out to be much more challenging than I had ever anticipated. We finally launched two incredibly delicious bars, Original not plain! and Strawberry & Vanilla, in April 2018.

The base recipe contains four ingredients (cocoa, cocoa butter, dates and coconut milk). Our products are currently sold in the UK and in Finland.

Indulgence is your birthright.

Through kAAKAO we have shown that it’s possible to create a delicious sweet treat, chocolate, that tastes and looks exactly like you would expect it to, but is made in an unconventional, innovative way.


In 2016 I was asked to do a TEDx talk at King’s College London.

The organisers suggested that I’d speak about female entrepreneurship. I accepted the challenge on the condition that I could choose the topic myself.

‘Holy Shit’ is a fourteen minute shit show about The Bristol Stool Chart and everything you need to know about poo.

TEDx Talk Holy Shit Stephanie Seege



In 2005 I founded my first company, Onni Design, while completing a Bachelor’s degree in Arts Management and a Master’s in Marketing. Onni, meaning ‘luck’ and ‘happiness’ in Finnish, was a unique range of jewellery that I made and sold.

This creative endeavour taught me the basics in business and inspired me to carve out my own path as an entrepreneur.

Stephanie Seege onni