Scrumptious roasted chestnuts

My aunt living in Germany always roasts chestnuts around Christmas time at her house. I never really knew what to do with these rock hard babies – until she showed me. 

Roast chestnuts make you want to snuggle up in the couch with a blanket in front of a fire, preferably with someone special and perhaps a good glass of red wine.

Preparation time: 5 minutes + 30 minutes in the oven


1 kg chestnuts


  1. Cut an X shape, about 1 x 1 cm long, at the tip of each nut – which helps the skin peel off in the oven making it easier to eat the nuts. If you don’t do this – the nuts might start ‘exploding’ in the oven as the heat can’t get out of them – so don’t skip this first step
  2. Place the chestnuts on a baking tin covered with a 2 mm thick salt layer and place them in the oven for 30 minutes in 200C
  3. Let them cool for 10-15 minutes and then serve with sea salt and olive oil or chop them up and place on top of your favourite salad 

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