Out of the Woods

Is there spring in the air?

That feeling, when you:

  • wake up 6PM (I think it happened naturally last time about this year one year ago)
  • meditate (mostly thinking about stuff, oh well)
  • spend an hour reading in bed surrounded by candles
  • finally get up at 8 to do some yoga
  • have a bowl of porridge while getting dressed and then know you have a full, fun day worth of business in front of you.

Today has been a busy day.

The world’s best accountant came by to talk through a long list of things – it’s kind of a spring clean in the makings, out of the woods. My colleague George pointed out how terribly inappropriate it is to have meetings with candles burning in my living room and me walking around barefoot as if I was in the countryside. I friggin’ love how inappropriate that is, though, I’d call it quirky. And me sitting on a chair that bounces (because I only have two regular ones by my kitchen table) does add to the non-conventionality of it all.

Then George and I worked together from kAAKAO HQ (my place, HQ just sounds fancy). We’re about to hire a sales and marketing intern, also preparing for the trade fair, exploring options for a (real) office, planning the chocolate launch, writing a sales strategy and defining the targets – and now at 5PM my head is like mashed potatoes. I think I’ll go for a long walk, get some dinner ingredients and take a long bath.

There’s an audition for a musical in my building, so we’ve listened to Broadway-style songs all day. On that note – yeah, it is definitely time to get an office.

Tomorrow is this year’s most exciting trip. Our chocolate is being produced in Switzerland!!!

Stephanie is the founder of Helpings and the creator of all content on the platform. Watch her TEDx talk, 'Holy Shit', about digestion on YouTube, organized at King's Collage London in 2016. Stephanie is currently building her second business, a chocolate brand called kAAKAO, and she shares her experience by means of inspiring other entrepreneurs to excel in business and in life.

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