Never Settle


Never, Ever Settle

‘Settling’ is such a dirty word. And I urge you to never settle.

I’ve never understood why one should just be ‘okay’ with a particular situation, a relationship or a job.

It doesn’t add up.

Think about it: we’ve all been dealt a hand (of cards) that we get to play with. Some of us play better, some more ambitiously, some more greedily, some generously – and some give up all together.

In our world, most of us live much longer lives than a century (or even just decades) ago. We probably don’t want to retire when we’re 65 – I mean, being 60 means that you most likely have another 30 great years to go…sitting on the porch?!

Think of it like this: do you want to be doing what you’re doing now in 10 or 20 years?

No, I don’t know if I want to, either. But what about in one year?

If not, you might be settling.

Effort + time + grit = HOORAY

Ultimately, you choose. You put in the energy and the time. And in the long run effort plus time plus grit equals success. The challenge is that most of us give up right in that moment when it all feels hopeless, only to miss out on the reward.

I do it too.

Don't give up

I don’t have enough fingers to count how many projects I’ve started and ran for a while thinking I was onto something…only to lose interest eventually because it wasn’t paying off. In most cases I think I simply gave up way too early.

I’ve never ACTUALLY given anything enough time until I started kAAKAO. And at this very moment it’s far from easy, but I would never stop as I really believe in the vision and in the product.

What am I trying to say?

Only because you made some choices that got you where you are today doesn’t mean that it’s all there is in this life.

You can Do better, be better.

You can make smarter choices, you can work towards another type of future that gets you excited.

Is change easy?

Hell no, which is why people resist it so much.

And is it worth it?

Every single time.

Because you’ll know that you’re not settling – and that might be one of the biggest superpowers in this world.

Stephanie is the founder of Helpings and the creator of all content on the platform. Watch her TEDx talk, 'Holy Shit', about digestion on YouTube, organized at King's Collage London in 2016. Stephanie is currently building her second business, a chocolate brand called kAAKAO, and she shares her experience by means of inspiring other entrepreneurs to excel in business and in life.

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