Photographic kAAKAO bars


kAAKAO product shoot

Today I hopped on my scooter in a grey, rainy and gloomy London –  just like I love my Monday mornings 😀

Me and my long-time food photographer Karolina then spent four hours taking product pictures for kAAKAO in the heart of Shoreditch overlooking Great Eastern Street. I have an idea of how I’d like to develop the brand, but for now we just stuck with what we have – LOTS of colour and funky shapes.

kAAKAO chocolate

I managed to find this shiny, dark blue backdrop that did wonders, can’t wait to show you what we did. My pictures are FAR from the quality Karo produces, but they give you an idea of what we were up to.

We also took some new profile pictures of me and for Helpings’ social media channels – they’re about to go through a face lift AGAIN, but this time permanently, as I feel like I’ve come home in my thoughts on how to develop and wrap up the whole ecosystem with kAAKAO and Helpings online.

kAAKAO photo shoot

Now I’m sitting here, frantically trying to get all Nordic translations right for a sticker that we need to produce before shipping bars to Finland, Sweden – and hopefully Norway and Denmark too. It’s a bit of a race, where one thing is dependent on another. So it’s a matter of prioritising carefully to make sure that there aren’t any bottlenecks.

Date, taateli, dadel, dattel – it’s all in the details (and a liiiiiittle bit frustrating).

On a more positive note – the bars will be in store within two weeks!!

P.S. If you live in the UK, I hope you haven’t missed our current offer?

Stephanie is the founder of Helpings and the creator of all content on the platform. Watch her TEDx talk, 'Holy Shit', about digestion on YouTube, organized at King's Collage London in 2016. Stephanie is currently building her second business, a chocolate brand called kAAKAO, and she shares her experience by means of inspiring other entrepreneurs to excel in business and in life.

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