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That thing called life

Glorious Saturday

That feeling when you wake up and the sun is SHINING.

I’m always amazed by the fact that it’s something I react on. Like reconnecting with a long lost friend.

Well, she’s damn gorgeous today.

Got out of bed at 9.30, meditated for a while and then rushed out of the house to make it to my regular 10.30 yoga class that I’ve been going to since 2013. I credit my +2 cm (yup, I’ve ‘grown’ ever since I started doing yoga), no back pain and a stronger body all to that class (and to my 5-15 minutes of yoga at home in the mornings).

Bend it like beckham

We did lots of backbends (like this camel pose), which counter intuitively actually helps if your back hurts.

You might want to go easy and start with something a little lighter (i.e. keeping your hands on the waist) to build up strength and then work towards going into the full pose.

camel pose yoga

Now I’m heading out with a yoga buddy for a long walk, it’s simply too nice to stay inside. Later on there will be tea with another friend and then maybe a bubble bath, reading a book by Peter Drucker and a glass of wine.

Look what a crazy cat I’ve turned into..

I’m actually finding it difficult to disconnect from work. And I know it’s not healthy, so I’m working on better work-life balance and seeing friends as much as I can to enjoy what life is all about.

(Apparently doing great – given that I just used the word ‘work’ three times in two sentences – about not working).

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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