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Tip of the day: a ginger bath

Life is a little crazy right now.

We’re asked to isolate ourselves physically, and yet we’re all longing for mental connection and community more than ever.

The world hasn’t really experienced a collective challenge like the Corona virus after WWII and it’s a real test to see how both governments and individuals act to resolve the situation calmly.

It’s easy to feel powerless, given that everything is out of our own hands. The media is bombarding us with really frightening language,

‘Europe is the epicenter of the virus’


‘Disarray hits airports’

…implying that the world is about to collapse. THAT, in and of itself, is one of the key learnings from this experience. It is not cool how publishers are allowed to say anything, regardless of its validity and/or truth. And it obviously doesn’t help that some leaders ignore basic facts.

That GINGER bath

Isolation, be it physical or mental, has a tendency to make us feel lonely, scared and angry. It doesn’t help. I’m lying in bed with a jammed back today and felt anxious in the morning, walking to an empty Waitrose that had sold out all the products that I wanted to buy. I was specifically looking for fresh ginger – usually imported from China – because my acupuncturist told me that soaking my feet in a ginger bath would help.

And it did, I’m blown away. Almost all the pain is gone and it took only 20 minutes. Tip of the day!

Compassion, love and gratitude pave the way for all kinds of connection. It feels good to think kind thoughts and to do kind deeds for others. Smile at a stranger, pay someone a compliment, call your mother/father and make sure that you’re thoroughly caring for yourself.

Take a (ginger) bath, cuddle your dog, eat ice cream (or pizza, thank God I had leftovers in the freezer), go for a walk, bake banana bread, watch a funny movie, have tea with a friend. Anything that makes you feel safe and at peace.

I’m also hosting meditations on Instagram, in case you’d find that useful. Next one will be on Wednesday. It’s not that I’m an expert on the subject, but I wanted to do something that helps – and meditation is my best recipe for a good night’s sleep and the greatest tool for complete relaxation.

Much love,


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