Suomi Finland 100

Today it’s Finland’s 100th Independence Day.

It feels like it’s all kinda fresh, as 100 little years go past quickly.

My grand father, who died a few years ago, would’ve turned 103 years today. He got to experience two World Wars and the Winter War we won against Russia. He also lost his brother in WW2 and my dad was named after him.

So I’m sitting here thinking about all the sacrifices that were made to allow us to CELEBRATE 100 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE TODAY.

I feel incredibly sentimental and thankful, having been brought up in in a country that takes care of all its citizens. I also got to spend every day in a safe environment surrounded by a loving family. That’s rare.

It’s easy to take that for granted, so today I try not to.

Finland – you inspire me to be better and to do good in the world, in order for others to experience the same level of peace that I’ve been entitled to.

Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!
Glad självständighetsdag!

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