Queen of Doing Good – Rose Marcario

Meet Rose Marcario, the Queen of Doing Good, Queen of Social Missions and Uber Inspirational in general.

You know that someone is leading through the heart when this happens: Marcario approved her staff’s (!) suggestion of giving away all of Patagonia’s sales from Black Friday in 2016 to environmental grassroots organisations – within 30 minutes of receiving the request through text message.

put your money where your mouth is

I’m not saying that whoever gives away more money is more noble or more respectable.

It’s really a matter of doing the right thing, sticking to your mission religiously and sharing assets to make the world a better place. And a great example of putting your money where your mouth is.


Patagonia was founded by Yvon Chouinard with the intention of producing outdoor clothing and gear for ‘silent sports’. It all started with Chouinard’s passion for climbing, and noticing that the gear wasn’t really made to last. So he set out to make something better and it all snowballed from a pair of shorts. (Scroll down to find the interview). Early on, Patagonia became known for its corporate sustainability and for being a brand based on strong values. The idea was and still is: why not fix things first if they’re broken, instead of buying something new?

Don't buy this Patagonia jacket

How’s that for disrupting an industry completely built on buying more and buying frequently?  

“my values, my passion, my sense of urgency”

After having worked for the company for years as CFO, Marcario was made CEO in 2014 and she’s done a tremendous job ever since.

This year, Patagonia Action Works came out of beta mode and it’s a platform where anyone, including 720 grant organizations, to communicate and offer/find skills for a particular cause. Basically it helps people to take action for something they believe in.

No, Mr. president

Marcario is clearly not a woman to mess with. She’s taking legal action against Trump and she’s launching a food line and more specifically canned mussels (apparently one of the most sustainable animal protein sources) among a long list of very cool initiatives.

Because at the end of the day you need to ask yourself: “…/…how do we make it uncomfortable for other businesses not to follow us?” 

That’s a damn good question.

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