Category: kAAKAO

kAAKAO is a new insanely tasty organic chocolate sweetened with dates.

I started the company in 2017 with a desire to create indulgent products that were suitable for everyone, regardless of any eating preferences, intolerances and other religious reasons. Indulgence is a birthright and we all deserve to eat things we thoroughly enjoy.

Building kAAKAO is definitely the most challenging and fun experience I’ve had so far in my career – but also the most rewarding one, seeing how our customers taste, love and devour the chocolate.

It’s REALLY delicious.

Our 40 gram bars are small enough to finish on your own and big enough to share.

For many years, I couldn’t eat a lot of things because of my own health issues, and consequentially I decided to develop a product that fit many people’s diets and (hopefully) pallets.

I share the journey of building a global company with a Finnish soul, hopefully it inspires you to start you own business!