Hi, I’m stephanie seege

My name is Stephanie Seege and I founded Helpings in year 2014, wanting to help others in some way, but not quite sure how to do it.

At the age of two months old I was diagnosed with severe eczema, allergies and asthma. I then spent the majority of my childhood and a good chunk of adulthood trying to find a cure. Nothing seemed to work and the doctors insisted that I had to accept living with ‘chronic diseases’.

In 2010 I was awarded an entrepreneurial scholarship and was lucky enough to live in New York for six months. There I met an Indian Ayurvedic doctor, who in contrast to all other doctors I had ever met, didn’t believe I was chronically ill. He started treating me through a radical change in diet and by incorporating new healthier habits into my life.

And it worked, like a charm! It wasn’t as quick as a pill, however, it was done the natural, sustainable way – something I really believe in.

the beginning of my future

It then took me several years to wrap my head around cooking in an alternative way and I can honestly say that I made a lot of really disgusting food during those years. It’s not a myth that you have to spend 10 000 hours doing something to get really good at it…

As a result, I wrote my first cookbook, ‘The Book That Changed My Life’, with 70+ recipes free from gluten, dairy, yeast, eggs and refined sugar to inspire other people to cook delicious food, even with a restricted number of ingredients.

Tedx London: Holy shit

The cookbook has helped hundreds of people on their journey towards better health, which is something I’m really happy about. And that was also the reason I was asked to give a TEDx talk at King’s College London. I chose to call it ‘Holy Shit’ and talked about all the stuff (digestion and poo) that no one wants to talk about, illustrated by cute, emotional poo emojis.  Yes, that’s a whole different chapter.

kAAKAO chocolate sweetened with dates

life is like a box of chocolate

In 2017 I founded kAAKAO, an insanely tasty chocolate brand sweetened with dates – i.e. a truly innovative product in a market that had seen very little change during the last decades. Dealing with a physical product proved to be quite the challenge, but also one that I absolutely love(d).

My previous experience from building brands and working with food was hugely helpful, but there were (and still are) a lot of things that were new to me: pitches, knowing your audience, pricing, budgets, approaching distributors, financing your business, building a team and developing new products etc.


Learning by doing is the way forward, and I hope I can help you on your journey – whether your building/running a food startup or just want to feel better and be inspired.

Happy to have you with me on this journey!

Much love, Stephanie Seege